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Hofincons provides technology driven value added Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) professional services with unswerving commitment to our Customers by adopting innovative and high technology in cost-effective Asset Management Services with a commitment to assist customer’s world over to get the best out of the existing and newly installed Industrial Assets.

Hofincons has extensive experience in industrial plant operation & maintenance. We have developed various specialised asset data & maintenance management methodology & procedures with extensive consulting experience and a vast reference library of data & case studies.

Hofincons has a well-established IT Division to provide cost effective EAM implementation services, specialised IT Tools for spare parts management, maintenance management, technical integrity monitoring, and asset information management. Hofincons IT tools can seamlessly integrated with various EAM / CMMS solutions. The IT products are SAP R/3 certified and can be deployed as an ex-Sap application.

Hofincons employs 250+ full time multinational consultant/specialists and has agreements with 100+ freelance consultants / specialists for deployment on a need basis.

What We Offer

Asset Data build with hierarchy as per industry standards ISO 14224 & ISO 8000 for CMMS of any EAM/ERP SAP, Maximo with our AIMS® IT suite.

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Maintenance data and Strategy such as PM, RCM & CM, PMO, RBI, identification of Safety Critical Equipment & development of Performance Standards.

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Asset BOMs, Material Coding & Cataloguing, Data Cleansing & Enrichment, and Inventory Management including Stock Taking and Surplus Management.

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Asset Management IT solutions: AIMS for Maintenance build, MCAMS for Material Cataloguing and TIMS for Technical Integrity Management.

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Risk Assessment, Behaviour Risk Management, Emergency Preparedness & Crisis Management and Root-cause Analysis.

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Plant shut-down services, PM, CM, Equip Maintenance (EMI) and staffing & secondment personnel for plant maintenance requirements.

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We cover services throughout Industrial plant lifecycle: As-built drawings, 3D Modelling & data, O&M Manuals and drawing updates.

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Training for maintenance personnel towards Effective Maintenance, Total Reliability of Assets and HSE compliance.

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Our Projects

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